Friday, March 13, 2015

Five Fandom Friday: My Fictional BFFs

5 Fandom Friday is a weekly meme from The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick. This week's topic is your five fictional best friends!

I kind of blogged about this before, but not really. My favorite fictional BFF pairings aren't necessarily the ones that I would be friends with in real life, after all, though don't be surprised if you see some overlap. ;)

1. Janie and Sport (Harriet the Spy)

Janie is kind of eerily similar to my real-life high school best friend. That's how I know we'd get along if she were real. Sport's cool too, so he can tag along.

2. Randal Graves (Clerks)

I am a Dante. It's just how it is. Naturally, Randal Graves is pretty high on my list of potential fictional best friends. He would do a great job at bringing me out of my shell and getting me to live a little, and if we got in trouble he'd suffer the consequences with me. Friendship.

3. Henry David Thoreau

Okay, so he's not fictional, but Walden is one of my favorite books. I don't know if I could have hacked living out in the woods like he tried to, but then again neither did he, quite—regular trips to town so his mom could do his washing up and so he could trade beans for other food and books and things. But I think we could have had a beautiful "being alone together" friendship if we weren't, you know, born like 150 years apart.

4. Jane Lane (Daria)

Since I get compared to Daria a lot, I'm sure Jane would be a suitable companion. Her art skills and insights would be a huge boon when it comes to making jewelry, and maybe we could even collaborate on a graphic novel project or two. I'm surprised she and Daria didn't do anything like that on the show, actually, given Daria's implied penchant for the written word. Plus I can guarantee that there wouldn't be any boy trouble, since JV is way cooler than Tom.

5. Brian Ralph Johnson  (The Breakfast Club)

I guess I have a soft spot for nerdy guys who get pressed over not getting an A in shop class. But I understand that obsession with grade-grubbing and that need to always get everything right on the first go. But Brian is the only one in the whole movie who understands how the social system works (the whole "We're going to go back to school on Monday and nothing will be different, we won't be friends at all" speech he gives) but also at least has enough confidence in himself to not get caught up in a roleplay to deal with it (which is how Allison's aggressive weirdness comes off at times, never mind her stupid makeover at the end....ugh, John Hughes, what is it with your crappy female characters?). 

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