Saturday, March 7, 2015

Five Fandom Friday on Saturday: Snacking and Drinking While Blogging

Quick reminder that today is the last day of the #SciArt tweetstorm! Feel free to share your favorite Kokoba pieces, or any other piece of scientific art, with the #SciArt hashtag. Also feel free to just browse the tag to find some wonderful science-inspired treasures to favorite and RT them! (I will probably do a round-up post on Monday or so, for the Twitter-phobic who nonetheless would like to see a sampling of what #SciArt has to offer.) Let's all help make this successful so it can become a regular smörgåsbord of scientific delights.

Yesterday's 5 Fandom Friday was all about SNACKS and holy shit you guys I LOVE FOOD.

I know it's a bad habit but I admit that I can sometimes be found at the computer with a drink and a snack beside me. Sometimes I'm just so busy! So here are the snacks and drinks I usually choose from.

5. Tea or Smoothie

It depends on the season if I want a hot fruity drink or a cold one. I like water more than anything else, but in the winter it's nice to have something warm. My favorite tea at the moment is the Swedish Söder tea, though I also enjoy anything with fruits or berries (most often a black tea blend, though sometimes white tea as well; I can't drink green tea).

4. Grapes

Grapes are nature's perfect snack! They come in little bite-sized portions and leave almost no nasty mess behind. Though, I'm usually having grapes with something else, like a cheese sandwich or some chips...

3. Digestives

Only the ones covered in dark chocolate will do.

2. Yogurt

Strawberry flavor and all of its variants, please. The only problem with yogurt is that it's become such a "diet" snack is that many brands in the US are flavored with artificial sweeteners. I don't oppose them on principle, but the problem is that the artificial sweetener du jour is Splenda and it tastes like copper. This trend is not as big in Sweden, thankfully, so all of the yogurt we get tastes as it should. 

1. Cheese-flavored puffed corn snacks

Cheetos, cheese balls, whatever you want to call them. I am a sucker for that savory, salty umami flavor, especially when it tastes more or less like cheese. There was a time when I exhibited no self control around these at all, but I'm a mature enough adult now that I know when I've had enough. I also eat these with grapes because the two tastes just go so well together! (And it keeps me from filling up entirely on the cheese balls....)

What do you munch on while you're writing (or doing anything else)?

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