Thursday, March 5, 2015

Trek Thursday: The Lights of Zetar

#34: The Lights of Zetar

In case you forgot: The Enterprise is delivering Mira Romaine to her first station, Memory Alpha. On the way, the ship gets caught up in some kind crazy storm that incapacitates much of the crew and Mira most of all. Eventually we learn that the the storm is actually the collective will of a dead race looking for some bodies to inhabit. While all of the workers on Memory Alpha are lost, at least Scotty's new girlfriend Mira survives the ordeal.

I love that Shari Lewis wrote this, but man it's weird that a woman famous for puppets wrote a body snatchers episode of Star Trek. It's just so thematically appropriate but also makes you wonder about her attitude towards Lambchop. (Apparently she wrote another script, too, but nothing ever came of it. Would have been interesting to see.) I also love that Lewis intentionally wrote a love interest for Scott as a response to Kirk always getting the girl. He's a little overprotective and paternalistic, but on the whole it comes off more cute than creepy, so I'm counting it as a point for.

Nonetheless, another woman who exists basically to be a love interest is still kind of disappointing, even if she was written by Shari Lewis. Scott also plays down Romaine's visions to a point that's (somewhat) to the detriment of the crew. Does space sickness make you psychic, Scotty? I doubt it. The way the bodysnatchers are driven out of Romaine is a bit slapdash but that's how the show goes, sometimes.

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