Thursday, June 18, 2015

Vacations and Blog Directions

I've been showing up in your feeds more or less as usual, but as I mentioned the other day in this month's Read Play Blog post, I'm on vacation! My Internet time is limited. Or, more precisely, my Internet time is unlimited, because it's my vacation and I do what I want, but the quality is unpredictable. Samwise, my netbook, didn't come with a heavy-duty wireless card.

More specifically, I'm on vacation along the American west coast. I have a friend getting married in Seattle, so I took the month off to visit a part of the country I had always wanted to see.

I have also been thinking about what I want to do with this blog. I like writing it, though I don't always like how I come off. Sometimes things sound forced, sometimes things come off as a little too high school confessional, sometimes I don't even know what. This weirdness is also tied with the limbo of my Etsy shop. I'll have more to post about that's relevant to the intersection of jewelry and science once I start making more jewelry.

That's not interesting. It's a blog cliche: the blogger putting their Long Dark Night of the Blogging Soul out there for people to read. But I think it's worth communicating that I'm having those thoughts, even if I'm keeping what they are to myself.

Meanwhile, because I don't feel like there's enough of myself/my presence/whatever on the blog, here I am checking off a bucket list item: touching a redwood tree.


  1. I hope you enjoyed the redwoods! They're so beautiful!

    1. They were amazing and well worth the stress of the rest of the trip!