Monday, September 28, 2015

Newly Listed: Tan Pi Copper Earrings

Remember how I said Mondays were like my weekends, because after Saturdays and Sundays full of tutoring I had some time to myself? Just kidding! I've picked up another tutoring appointment on Mondays, potentially. I am really bad at setting boundaries for myself.

But I still have time to do a bit of blogging and Etsying, so here's another newly-listed item:

Copper and tan pi earrings
My earrings are always more understated than just about everything else I do (kind of out of necessity; most people don't want drop earrings more than an inch long). It's so understated that you could really argue this isn't properly math jewelry, since it's just 3.1, and I mean I wouldn't really have a good argument to the contrary.

But hey! I love the colors, and I love/hate an excuse to use my mookaite briolettes (the faceted teardrops at the bottom). I bought them ages ago at a market in South Korea and I still haven't used them all up yet. I've talked before about bagel books—these are bagel beads. I only use them sparingly because I love them so much. I will probably cry if/when they eventually run out, because I can't find a good replacement for them, either. I should have bought more strands...!!  To the point: I save these for projects where they will be perfect.

The other beads are, to the best of my knowledge, colored opaque glass. I also bought them in South Korea, without a label, and I didn't have the language to have a meaningful discussion with the merchant about their origin. But if you want to treat yourself this Monday, these STEM earrings can grace your earlobes.

There's some other great #SciArt out there this week, including this nifty watercolor about the recent super blood moon eclipse stuff in the sky:

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