Monday, September 21, 2015

Newly Relisted: Faux Pearl and Hemp Pi Bracelet

It's another Monday, y'all! September is just flying by, isn't it? Anyway: another Monday means another new item in the Etsy shop!

We're back to math in this week's feature, a pi bracelet with hemp and faux pearls.

Math jewelry: multistrand pi bracelet in hemp and faux pearls with a button toggle closure.
Pi in hemp and faux pearls with a button toggle closure.

I shamelessly nabbed this idea from Pinterest: all hail the original how-to here at Sadie's Season Goods. In this one, I opted against using jewelry wire for structure and instead used knots (and discrete applications of textile glue).

I spelled out the digits of pi in the clumps of faux pearls, though because it's a multistrand bracelet things get a little mixed up. I promise that they're all there! (I've counted like a billion times to reassure myself, haha.)

While I like the ~naturalist~ look of hemp twine with pearls, the jewelry-making reality is that this is dang near impossible with most beads and especially with real pearls. Hemp is a lot thicker than beading wire—I wanted to try this with some mother-of-pearl I had around but it was not happening. Actual pearls (whether cultured or saltwater) normally have extra tiny bead holes. The only thing wide enough for most hemp are wooden beads (which would have a totally different but still funky look) or really low-budget plastic pearls (cringe). Unless you want to spend half your life with a bead reamer in your hands...

So that is why the pearls in this one are plastic. Sigh. Still, it looks fine, I think! I have been trying to figure out if I can find different weights of hemp or glass beads with larger holes. I've also been thinking about doing this with wooden beads, too, but the only wooden beads I have at the moment are completely and totally wrong for this sort of thing.

As always, you can have a closer look at this bracelet in my Etsy shop, and then maybe take the edge off your Monday by browsing the #SciArt hashtag on Twitter.


  1. Love the boho look! I like playing around with making hemp bracelets a lot (nothing fancy, just macrame and things to keep my hands busy) and I always get bummed when the beads I want to use won't fit on my hemp! You'd think I'd eventually learn and just stop buying beads with tiny holes...but...they're so pretty! ;_;