Monday, September 14, 2015

Newly Relisted: Planck Constant Amethyst Bangle

Happy Monday! For most people, Monday means a return to the work or study grind, but for me Monday is the beginning of my weekend. I have classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays, then tutoring over the weekend. Friday usually gets sucked up into tutoring prep, so I try to leave Mondays as low-key days.

All of this is to say: Monday's a good day to do blog and Etsy stuff. Here's my next just-relisted piece of SciArt:

SciArt STEM science physics jewelry planck constant amethyst fluorite bracelet
Planck Constant bracelet in amethyst and fluorite.
SciArt STEM science physics jewelry planck constant amethyst fluorite bracelet
Physics jewelry in action! Also: I have teeny-tiny nail beds. 

I love love love making things out of memory wire, which makes me the beading equivalent of a filthy casual I suppose, but sometimes you just want to put some beads together and not fuss with clasps and crimps. I also love wearing memory wire because it's easy to get off and on but surprisingly secure. I've never had a memory wire bracelet just suddenly come undone and fall off out of the blue. 

The number in this piece is the Planck constant, a proportionality constant that describes the relationship between the energy of a particle and the frequency of its associated electromagnetic wave. 

More specifically, it's a physical constant that can be measured in a number of different ways; the value I used here is given in Joule-seconds. This is mostly because I'm more familiar with Joules than electronvolts. Physical constants are also notoriously tricky to measure, so every once in a while their values are recalculated and recalibrated. The value I used in this bracelet is from the 2010 CODATA value, but CODATA values were recalculated in 2014, which makes this little piece of wearable nerdery a bit out of date.

The round beads are both amethyst; the large rectangular beads are fluorite. Those are all mostly purple but you can see flecks of green in them here and there.

You can peep over in my STEM-my Etsy for more details on this guy. Don't forget to check out the #SciArt hashtag on Twitter for some other science-inspired art!


  1. All of that physics mumbo jumbo went way over my head, but it's a friggin' beautiful bracelet! Those fluorite beads are gorgeous and I'm always a sucker for amethyst. I've never checked out #SciArt on Twitter before but so much awesomeness!!

    1. Thanks! Though really when it comes to stuff like this, nature did most of the hard stuff. Hah.

      Since I'm not a particle physicist by training, I can't really explain Planck's constant too well because I don't have the clearest grasp of it myself (aside from: it's really, really, really small). But this is a fantastic YouTube channel (though unfortunately it's no longer updated) and she has a video on Planck's Constant that's pretty clear and engaging, similar enough to Vi Hart that I wonder if this is her, or someone inspired by her:

      (Vi Hart's videos are also a lot of awesome number fun, though I don't think she's done one on Planck's constant.)