Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Newly Listed: Aquamarine Pi Earrings

At this point I can't make any promises about shipments arriving in time for Christmas, but I can share what I've been up to lately. If only this burst of creativity had bitten a couple weeks earlier, then they could be in the shop in time for all manner of wintertime gift-giving occasions.

At least they're in good time for graduation season! I've sold more pieces in April than any other time of the year, and maybe graduation has something to do with it?

Anyway, I've been in a creative rut for ages. Then I got tapped to work on SUPER SEKRIT PROJECT (more on that later), needed to order a couple strands of beads, and suddenly....ALL THE IDEAS!

This first idea incorporates a couple beads from SUPER SEKRIT PROJECT, but is mostly old stash I had.

Nothing extraordinarily fancy going on here, just the first couple digits of pi in a sea green beryl/aquamarine with some new snowy quartz as spacers in between digits. They're not too long (maybe an inch and a half), but they still manage to be something like statement earrings. The aquamarine chips are relatively large, so these are substantial earrings—if you can't wear heavy earrings, don't despair, I have a necklace version that I'll be listing soon, too!

The snowy quartz (also called snow quartz, milk quartz, milky quartz, or white quartz) is a new stone in my repertoire. I'm already quite fond of it (and need to do a geo-shopping post on it soon). 

You can pick up these lovelies over in the Kokoba store, or hold out for the necklace. If they're not to your style, maybe some of this new #SciArt over on Twitter is?

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