Monday, December 14, 2015

Newly Listed: Peridot Pi Earrings

I needed to pick up a few supplies for a custom Christmas order, and suddenly I had enough left over to make a whole bunch of tiny little things I had been thinking about for weeks! This is the first of a few pairs of earrings that I just whipped up within the past week.

Peridot pi earrings: a cute little math gift for any nerdy August babies.
Peridot pi earrings by Kokoba
There's not much to say about these guys! They're short and sweet and up for grabs. I don't wear earrings myself so I don't think to make them all that often. But they definitely come in handy for using up the last little remnants of this or that earlier project. In this case, I've had these peridot chips kicking around for years by now. And they're not even used up yet! At least after this latest bout of earring-mania, they're that much closer to being cleaned out.

You can snatch them up at the Kokoba Etsy shop if they're to your fancy. ;) If you're curious about peridot (August's birthstone!), you can go read the peridot post in my on-going birthstones series.

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