Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Newly Listed: Mookaite Gravity Bracelet

After I went on a little bit of a pi binge, I realized I needed to beef up the science sections of my shop. It's not just pi, after all!

This bracelet is in one of my favorite stones, mookaite. For some reason I hadn't really done much with it for a long time, but buying new beads (for SUPER SEKRIT PROJECT and otherwise) somehow inspired me to use other, completely unrelated items. I guess I just needed fresh inspiration.

I like how subtle this one is. Using just one stone for the whole piece has a really nice effect, especially with a stone as variegated and interesting as mookaite.

Sciart STEM gravity jewelry gift for physics fans
Mookaite Newtonian constant of gravity bracelet by Kokoba

The Newtonian constant of gravity (according to the latest CODATA values; physical constants are tricky things and are sometimes revised or updated) is 6.67408 × 10–11 m–3 kg–1 s–2. Usually I try to photograph things so you read the number from left to right, but I goofed with this one. Oops! I also never use the scientific notation when I work with physical constants. It would just be overly long sections tacked on the end and that's not a look I really like.

If you like this beauty as much as I do, you can treat yo' self over at the store! There are also some lovely #sciart pieces over on Twitter. I'd also recommend adding The Science of Illustration to your blog feed for periodic science snippets (complete with illustrations).

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