Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Five: Wordplay

Image courtesy Jane M. Sawyer

What’s a five-letter word describing the day you had today?

Well, considering that I'm writing this at 9:30 AM, the day hasn't really started yet. So..."start"?

What’s a six-letter word, ending with N, describing your plans for the weekend?

 .... people for crafting and homemade dinner!

What seven words describe the last in-person conversation you had?

Future, worried, strategic, stressed, cooperative, hopeful, nervous.

So, currently in Swedish parliament there are two coalitions of seven different parties. While Sweden has a multiparty system that's really exciting and refreshing for someone coming from the two-party circus that is the US, governance essentially breaks down along coalition lines, so it's effectively a two-party system. The largest coalition is the liberal "red–green" coalition, but only on a technicality: there are more conservative party representatives in parliament, but since the conservative coalition hasn't (yet) allied themselves with the flavor-of-the-day nationalist neo-Nazi party, there is a huge chunk of "unaffiliated but very obviously conservative" representatives. And because the largest party in the red–green coalition (Socialdemokraterna) either wants to commit political suicide or woo voters from the conservative coalition, they've announced that they intend to dismantle a significant portion of Sweden's world-renowned social safety net: financial support for those with disabilities.

This affects us because neither of us have full-time jobs: I still have schooling to finish, both for teaching and for editing; JV also has schooling to finish. We survive on a combination of my tutoring/editing income and the disability support JV receives (he is autistic). If Socialdemokraterna go through with this plan, we'll either have to drop out of school early to find less-than-stellar work or, I don't know, move in with his parents in Uppsala. So we are trying to get our ducks in a row in case the worst happens, because it probably will.


How would you make an acrostic of the letters in SUMMER to describe your hopes for the summer?

More work
My editing course going smoothly
Etsy growth

What three rhyming words describe your most recent vacation?

California, nostalgia, Sequoia

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