Monday, August 15, 2016

Newly Listed: Avogadro Cuff

After a long, long crafty hibernation, ALL OF THE INSPIRATION hit me ALL AT ONCE. Unfortunately, the inspiration chose a bad time, as I've just started a new part-time job and am due to start studying full-time in September. Oops! Also, the ideas I've had require a few more supplies than I have on hand, but I'm not really ~~feeling going shopping.

First world problems, y'all.

Anyway, the first new item I have to share with you guys isn't really that revolutionary or cool. It's an Avogadro bracelet like any other Avogadro bracelet I've done, except that I've decided to represent the digits in length (in inches) rather than by number of beads.

Sciart jewelry bracelet chemistry Avogadro black blue Swarovski bracelet
Avogadro's Number in black Czech glass with Swarovski accents by Kokoba

If that was a confusing explanation, you can read about it in more detail on my freshly updated "Where are the numbers?" page.

One of the things that's tricky with physical constants rather than irrational numbers is that you're limited in terms of styles that work. All the rest of my memory wire cuffs, for example, are irrational numbers (usually pi). With irrational numbers, there's always another digit you can tack on if a bracelet isn't long enough. With the physical constants, things eventually run out.

Sciart jewelry bracelet chemistry Avogadro black blue Swarovski bracelet

But I really like the look of those memory wire cuffs: understated, stackable, mix 'n' match. Why should the chemists and physicists and the biologists be left out?

I have a few other ideas coming down the pipeline: some Viking knit, maybe some maille, and some more bead ideas. Stay tuned!

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