Friday, September 23, 2016

The Friday 5: All Over

First of all, a musical interlude: "Glad All Over," by the Dave Clark 5.


What would you like right now to be coated with?

This is a very bizarre question. I'm pretty good with my skin, thanks. Maybe some kind of magical, always-a-comfortable-temperature air barrier? I don't know.

What’s something you recently slathered on something else?


JV makes a really tasty hummus and he always uses a lot of spices and garlic. Well, we've found out that garlic is not so good for his digestion and so someone had to finish off a fresh batch of extra garlic-y hummus by herself.

I regret nothing.

What’s something you purchased recently whose purpose is to cover something?

The pants I bought from Kobieta Clothing Company cover my butt! And my naughty bits. And my legs.

What do your current bed linens look like?

Sad. Old. Mismatched. We have a queen-sized bed but two IKEA mattress things. My mattress has a blue bed sheet, JV's has a white one, he usually sleeps under a maroon/red duvet and I use a rainbow afghan Lawyer Mom crocheted for me before I went to college.

Under what circumstances did you last wear some kind of gloves?

Cleaning the bathroom, I think.

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