Monday, December 19, 2016

Newly Listed: Blue Lace Agate Light Speed Necklace

Some of the deep cuts I brought back with me from the US used a lot of blue lace agate. It's a beautiful stone and, quite frankly, the pieces they were in were pretty fugly. I liberated these gorgeous stones from their fashion crime prisons and let them stand on their own, with some random cute and femme-y floral beads I picked up at JoAnn's ages ago.

Blue physics light speed sciart necklace
Light speed necklace by Kokoba Jewelry
I like the contrast of the dainty, vintage-looking beads with the cutting-edge concept of the speed of light (speed of light, here, given in meters / second.). At first glance, it looks like something retro and almost grandmotherly (in the best possible way). You would never suspect it was hiding a nerdy secret. STEMinism at its finest!

I still have some blue lace agate left over. I'm not sure what I'll use them for next. Maybe another chemistry piece? We'll see!

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