Thursday, December 8, 2016

#TBT: Black and Yellow Golden Ratio Bracelet

A few years ago, I decided I should branch out into other irrational numbers besides pi. I mostly focused on the square root of 2 and the Golden Ratio, though you can find some relatively obscure ones in my back catalog if you dig deep enough (Feigenbaum, anyone?). This is one of those branches: the Golden Ratio.

Golden ration STEM sciart mathart math bracelet
Golden Ratio bracelet from Kokoba
This one is only from 2013, probably, so it's not super old. (Old enough for a #tbt post, though!) To be honest, I don't know if it's worth it to focus on any irrational number except pi? I did get a custom request for the square root of 12 a couple years ago, but pi is usually the rock star of the math world.

What do you think, mathematicians? Is pi the only irrational worth knowing, or should I strive to go full hipster and highlight some of the more obscure irrationals?

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