Friday, June 29, 2012

Foodie Friday: Microwave Banana Bread

I love food. I love eating it, I love reading about it, and I love making it as well. So why not Foodie Fridays?

The first installment in this Foodie Fridays series is some microwave banana bread from

See, I love bananas, but I can never finish a bunch by myself. Even after my most valiant of efforts (two bananas a day!), the latest bunch I bought was bringing in the drosophila like whoa. Gross. To stop the nascent fruit fly infestation in its tracks, I Googled for "microwave* banana bread" and tried the first recipe that came back.

I had to make some alterations as I was lacking some ingredients. I used vegetable oil instead of butter; I used three bananas and only one egg (you can substitute bananas for eggs if you're baking!); I added a touch more flour because I didn't have any salt on hand and the grocery stores were all closed when I was making this; the recipe calls for nuts, but I much prefer chocolate to nuts.

microwave banana bread
The finished product.
I didn't think to take pictures while I was making it, but here's some of the end result. It didn't come out as soft as I would have liked, as I realized after I baked it that a banana substitutes for two eggs, not one; therefore it was a bit drier than would be ideal. I also had to guesstimate on the baking soda as I don't have any teaspoons. I may have overcooked it for fear of the microwave not doing its job.

All in all, totally edible. Definitely a good recipe to keep on hand for those of you who love to bake but lack an oven. If you use three bananas instead of two bananas and two eggs, this is a vegan-friendly recipe, too!

*There aren't any ovens in officetels!

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