Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Project Rae" Update and Bonus Hint!

The Project Rae contest is still ongoing! Here's all eight hints:

The first Project Rae hint: a Full Adder circuit diagram.

The second Project Rae hint: the "pi oh my" tie by BuffaloNerdProject.

The third Project Rae hint: Minouette's Ada Lovelace print.

The fourth Project Rae hint: a family tree of silhouettes from JennaDCaldwell.

The fifth Project Rae hint: an original image Rae pinned as inspiration.

The sixth Project Rae hint: steampunk goggles from Mann and Co.

The seventh Project Rae hint: gears from Fallen Angel Brass.

The eighth Project Rae hint: giant safety pins from creativeARTifacts.

If you can guess what I'm making to go with Rae's upcoming project, you get some free custom swag! It doesn't even have to be purely nerd related swag, though nerdy swag does warm the cockles of my heart. You can leave a comment on any of the "hint" blog entries, or on Kokoba's Facebook page. The contest runs until November, at which point Rae reveals her upcoming project (and at which point the doodad in question will be out of my hands). You have a long time to mull this one over. And if you get it right, hey! Christmas shopping for at least one person is in the bag!

Here, have a bonus hint:

mother of pearl beads
Mother-of-pearl beads from Rondinelli

In other words: yes, this is still a thing with beads! Lots. Many of them are mother of pearl, like the ones pictured above. Itty-bitty beads only two millimeters in diameter.

The item itself is about 90% complete, I just have to make a minor color change and add some finishing touches.

More meta-hints (hints about the hints) coming in the near future to help you out, I promise!

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  1. And I still have to get my part measured and put together. Ooops, life got away with itself there…

    I love those mother of pearl beads.