Sunday, June 3, 2012

Plant Mom Post

Lacey's pulled out of it; I know have one more to keep her company. (Or well, two more, but they're in one pot.)

In the white pot are Persephone and Demeter, who you know from Greek mythology. Some Internet sleuthing has revealed that snake plants prefer to be watered every seven to ten days, which is more than I was watering them before, hence Lacey's pot partner's wilted condition:

And five things I'm thankful for today!

  1. Air conditioner!
  2. A free music performance downtown in the cool night weather.
  3. Using up veggies and cheese before they went bad! Cooking for one isn't really difficult, but produce shopping for one is nearly impossible.
  4. MST3K
  5. A clean apartment (which took some effort on my part, but there you have it).

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