Saturday, June 30, 2012

Science Saturday: Game of Nerds!

Are you a nerd? Do you long for the high school days of trivia bowl? Do you find yourself completely useless at bar trivia because the questions are always about sports or Jersey Shore?

Problem solved! The only categories on Game of Nerds are the ones of interest to nerds and geeks: the Internet, fantasy novels, chemistry, and so forth.

As a limiting mechanism, each game costs "money" (fake currency) to play, but every Monday they give you more. It would be all too easy to burn through your initial 50 coins in like half an hour, so watch it! You'll burn through it before you even realize you're poor.

To help you out, you can recruit your friends to be on your team. You don't actually have any real interaction with them, however; you can just click on their avatar and the Game of Nerds program will put words in their mouth, as it were: "It's number three! I'm 72% sure!" However, the probability of your "friend" giving you the correct answer seems  correlated to how your real friend ranks in a certain category. So, for example, I'm currently doing pretty okay at Fantasy Movies and Television (72%), but not so hot in Fantasy Literature (37%!*).

So go ahead and sign up for Game of Nerds, and then friend me so we can be on each other's teams! I'm MST3Kakalina.

*Even though I love reading and I generally love fantasy, I am a snob about my preferences. Lots of the Fantasy Literature questions are from series I've either never heard of, or consider far beneath me. Likewise, the series I really love (The Dark is Rising, Sabriel) have yet to come up.

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