Monday, March 18, 2013

Music Monday: The Garden of Your Mind

I'm sure I've posted this already, but I was reading a great Cracked article about Mr. Rogers and came to think of this.

What a wonderful man.

There are some people in the world whose relentless positivity I can't stomach, as it seems like an act or a facade or just plain stupid. Yet every video I've seen of Fred Rogers and everything I've read about him bespeaks an earnest and intelligent optimism. If I'm cruising channels and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood is on PBS, I will watch the rest of the episode. Having a bad day? Watching a clip on YouTube will cheer you up. As McGinley points out:

He didn't live in a world full of songs and puppets. He brought songs and puppets to a world that was scared and tired and vulnerable.

Thank you for being you, Mr. Rogers.

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