Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday Five: Press

This past week I've been gearing up for an oral exam that I just finished today (and I passed, whew, fantastic). I was studying my butt off, which is why I didn't get around to blogging even though I have really cool things I want to talk about!

But those cool things don't involve OTPs. Sorry, geeks, but I don't do fanfic and I don't ship so this week's prompt isn't my thing. Instead, I've decided to borrow from the (original?) Friday 5 site for those days when I can't get into 5 Fandom Friday.

This week's theme is "press"!

In what way are you pressing your luck?

I mentioned that oral exam. More specifically, it was an oral exam in Russian. Now, I studied Russian in university for three semesters and then promptly forgot nearly all of it. I signed up for Russian 1 through Stockholm's adult education center, and so far all of it has felt like review. And rather than apply myself, I'm being a lazy shithead and like 80% coasting on what I remember.

When did you last wield an iron?

Probably in middle school home ec class. I have bigger things to worry about than wrinkles—whether it's in my clothes or in my skin.

Not counting buttons on your computer, tablet, or phone, what was the result the last time you pressed a button?

To call the elevator.

What was the name of your high school newspaper?

Probably something incredibly banal. Newspaper wasn't really a thing in my high school. My college paper was "The Spectator." It was definitely not much of a paper. (Apologies, HamTech journalism department, but I'm just saying what we were all thinking.)

To “press the flesh” means (usually in the context of politics or public relations) to meet and greet as many people as you can, shaking hands and making personal contact. When were you last called upon to press the flesh, and how were you?

I would have to say during all of November, with NaNoWriMo. I didn't have anywhere near the responsibilities of an ML, but I did help run a few events. In those cases, I think it's standard practice to be extra friendly and outgoing.

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