Monday, February 22, 2016

Newly Listed: Multistrand Avogradro Bracelet in Wood and Cotton

I don't know what it is, but I've been on a real fiber kick recently.

This boho sciart jewelry would be a great gift for chemists and chemistry teachers.
Avogadro's Number in wood beads on waxed cotton from Kokoba
I love the warm and earthy colors in this one. It's 70s but in the best possible way.

The green beads are the ones that spell out the digits of Avogadro's number. The two gold-colored beads are placeholders for 0. I think they also add a nice splashy highlight!

STEM sciart jewelry chemistry chemist avogadro bracelet

It looks bulky, but because nearly all of the beads are wood, it's actually quite lightweight and comfortable. It's great for when you want that chunky look without all of the attendant weight. 

As always, you can take the edge off your Monday by checking out the wonderful goodies on the #sciart hashtag over on Twitter. And as always, you can pick up this chemistry bracelet over at Kokoba on Etsy.

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