Monday, February 8, 2016

Newly Listed: DNA Maille Bracelet

I've been busy lately (or rather, I've not been good about time management lately), so this newly listed piece is actually something I worked on over the holidays. It represents me mastering a new weave (one I should go back and practice—I'm reading Fluent Forever and so now I have spaced repetition on the brain), so in terms of time and value, I'm selling this one at a loss. But as far as learning pieces go, it looks pretty good, so why not sell it? I've been known to wear it myself, on occasion.

Sciart nerdy biology science jewelry gift DNA double helix maille bracelet
DNA Double Helix Spiral Maille Bracelet
I think, looking at this photo and all of the other ones in the listing, that I'll need to take some better (i.e. not rushed) photographs. It has a wonderful spiral shape to it, but you can't quite see it from this angle. Of course, if you already like it...

The weave I used was the "inverted spiral," credited to Lorraine Menard. You can see the shape better in her sample projects here:

Inverted spiral maille earrings by Lorraine Menard
The next project I do in this weave will probably use two-tone rings, as pictured here. That might help visually organize the shape better. Or the issue might be a purely physical one (the weave will look different laying flat versus hanging freely). We'll see!

But first I need to pass Russian.

Anyway, in lieu of the usual #sciart Twitter links, I want to share just one story I saw on Facebook:

3D-Printed, Acoustically-Generated Ceramics

For the link-phobic, a laboratory in the Netherlands uses a combination of 3D-printing, ceramics, and acoustics to create vases and other goods that retain the physicality of sound—basically, the vibrations of the sound coming through the speakers vibrates the pottery-in-progress, and as a result creates patterns.

Pieces from "Solid Vibration" at Studio Van Broekhoven

The demo video only uses loud WUB WUB style dubstep bass; I would love to see one "created" by, say, Ride of the Valkyries. Or Misirlou. For more information on the process, check out Studio Van Broekhoven's official page for the "Solid Vibration" project.

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