Monday, February 29, 2016

Newly Listed: Speed of Light Wrap Bracelet With Red Czech Glass

So I blogged about this speed of light wrap bracelet ages ago. I finally got better pictures maybe two weeks ago. And today I'm listing it!

I solemnly swear that I was up to my eyebrows and work and studies, and not pouring countless hours into Fallout: New Vegas. (Though I might have done some of that as well...)

Physics sciart jewelry bracelet speed of light
Speed of light wrap bracelet by Kokoba
I mentioned before that I wasn't entirely jazzed about how this bracelet came out. But I decided to go ahead and list it at my standard wrap bracelet price, anyway. My reasoning is basically: there is nothing about the construction of this bracelet that makes me nervous. I simply do not sell jewelry whose physical integrity I doubt. It's the aesthetics that I don't like, and since I know that I'm a finicky little pedant, there is a good chance that the only person bothered by them! My reasoning is also: if it doesn't sell at this price, I can always discount it. And if it doesn't sell at a discount, I get to wear it. I wasn't so hot on this one before—the colors seem too bold and "Ms. Frizzle" to suit me—but I have to admit that it's grown on me. I wouldn't mind if this one stayed in my jewelry box!

Physics sciart jewelry bracelet speed of light
Speed of light wrap bracelet by Kokoba
Also, it's leap day! I know it's not really a holiday or anything to be excited about (unless you're someone born on a leap day), but I like calendar-based excuses to watch things. You bet your bippy I marathoned the Back to the Future movies on the date when Marty McFly went to 2015; I regularly watch Groundhog Day on, well, Groundhog Day; and on Leap Day I watch Pirates of Penzance.

Do you have any special plans or traditions for Leap Day?

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