Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Five: Ticket to the Weekend

How many traffic tickets have you received, and what was the first?

Just a speeding ticket. I was trying to drive ahead of a snow storm on my way across New York state. I stayed ahead of the storm, at least!

What are some of the ticket stubs you’ve held onto?

Oh man, I couldn't name them all. I have a poorly-done, half-assed scrapbook with stubs and brochures from China, Indonesia, Korea, NYC. Maybe that's something I should take a class in next, because I am a super "ephemera hoarder." Ticket stubs? Brochures? Receipts? Watchtower pamphlets? If they're from a special trip or time, I have a hard time letting them go. (Seriously. I still have a Watchtower pamphlet someone gave me while I was sitting in Incheon airport, waiting to go back to the US.)

What have you seen because someone had extra tickets?

Roger Waters during his 2009? 2010? The Wall tour.

T-shirt proof!

What have you won in drawings or raffles?

Nothing. :(

How do you and your friends usually handle a restaurant bill?

With a small and specific number of people, it's a question of taking turns treating each other. In other settings, we ask the wait staff to split the bill right at the beginning. Makes everything easier for everyone!


  1. I keep my ticket stubs for EVERYTHING but I'm the worst at scrapbooking them. They're all just floating around my apartment somewhere. I think I need a better system, hahah.

    1. I use them for bookmarks a lot, too, and then I get surprised if I go open a book and one falls out. "Oh yeah, I remember that trip!"