Monday, March 28, 2016

Newly Re-Listed: Blue and Black Pi Wrap Bracelet

Here is one of my favorite pi bracelets in the entire shop! It automatically renewed today. I just love the dramatic combination of blue and black, and I love the whole wrap bracelet style in general. Confession: I wear this one the most. (Yes, I test wear all of the jewelry I make. I wouldn't sell you anything I didn't feel comfortable or confident wearing!)

This blue black pi wrap bracelet is a great sciart mathart gift for your favorite math teacher or graduate.
Blue and black pi wrap bracelet by Kokoba

I hope everyone who celebrated it enjoyed their Easter, and I hope everyone else used the excuse to eat a lot of chocolate. Mine was low-key: I worked and visited friends, called my family on Skype, and studied Russian.

Spring is here in Sweden. After my Sunday tutoring sessions, I like to take a long walk to the next subway stop, even more so now that it's warm and light out. It was so warm yesterday—a balmy 6* Celsius—that I took off my jacket to enjoy the sun!

People like to joke that Swedes are quick to shed their winter layers at the first sign of the sun, but in my experience the opposite is true. Everyone starts bundling up hardcore in the fall and they don't relent until maybe April. Maybe my years in the ambient 52* atmosphere of Lost River Caverns did something to my blood, or maybe I'm just more sun-deprived than most other Swedes (I certainly don't hit up the tanning booths solariums), but a heavy winter coat would just be unbearably warm!

This blue black pi wrap bracelet is a great sciart mathart gift for your favorite math teacher or graduate.

Today, though, was not as good. Real talk, guys: I feel like I'm in the "you gotta spend money to make money but you gotta have money to spend money" endless treadmill from hell. And then the most ridiculous thing set me off: I mixed up the due dates on my library books and now I have one that's a week overdue instead of due in two days.

I don't know, y'all. I am just tired. But I don't have time to be tired. This SMBC comic made the rounds on my Facebook feed yesterday and it is exactly my life:

I made myself take a walk (instead of taking the bus) so I could enjoy the sunshine—I have learned that I am a creature of the sun—and that took the edge off but I still feel like I have an insurmountable mountain in front of me.

Take it easy this week, everyone!

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