Monday, March 12, 2018

Newly Listed: Fuschia Chemistry Bracelet

Hey guys, remember when I used this space to talk about my jewelry and stuff? Yeah, me too. Now that the sun is making a comeback here in Stockholm, I can engage in my favorite hobby* again: item photography! And with new photos come new listings!

A hot pink chemistry bracelet featuring Avogadro's number that would be a great gift for chemists and chemistry nerds.
Avogadro bracelet by Kokoba Jewelry

So I don't really know what color this is? The glass beads are a really fun and funky iridescent so it's hard to say what color they "really" are.

A hot pink chemistry bracelet featuring Avogadro's num

From a distance they look mostly pink or fuschia or magenta or something, so I guess choose one of those.

I realized too late, also, that I forgot to edit out or crop out that little bit of cupboard label in the bottom left there. It says "RICE IN HERE!" and surprise, that's where the rice lives! It's also where my international tea collection lives. Enjoy that peak behind the curtain!

A hot pink chemistry bracelet featuring Avogadro's num

Continuing in that "funky" theme, the spacer beads in this bracelet are aluminum cubes. (I'm guessing they're aluminum based on how lightweight they are, anyway.) I love, love, love cube as a bead shape and I want more of that in my bead box and in my life. It's such a simple shape (visually, at least), and yet it's so eye-catching.

A hot pink chemistry bracelet featuring Avogadro's num

Alas I couldn't continue the cube/square theme in the toggle, but a toggle is never not the perfect bracelet clasp so I don't really mind. The base metal toggles I have are understated and simple enough that it still works.

The number in this one, if you didn't figure it out by now, is Avogadro's number. It's Pi Day this week, but let's not forget that Mol Day (10/23) will be upon us before we know it!

*Not actually my favorite hobby.

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