Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Find: Leslie Tunic Top by SWAK

Okay, so normally I reserve my "Friday Finds" for Etsy or Zibbet shops, but I am so freaking over the moon that I'm making a rare exception.

"Leslie" Tunic Top by SWAK Designs
I could make a whole long song and dance post about being fat and fashion but instead I will only say:

Why doesn't anyone know how to make a good goddamn tunic top?

I can't count how many adorable tunic tops I've seen that inexplicably do not allow enough material above the gathered/sewn bit (you know, the part that should go right around your band) for the boobs they're supposed to be holding. This isn't a case of going a size or two up, either; you do that and now the gathered bit sits where it should, but the V-neck is halfway down to your navel. There is, of course, nothing wrong with that kind of look, but it's definitely not the shirt's intended use (judging by the models). It's like they're all designed for women with incredibly high-set, possibly gravity-defying bosoms. Either that or they're designed so that the horizontal bit goes RIGHT ACROSS your boobs? Which, if that's the case, is terrible design.

Enter: the "Leslie" tunic top from SWAK designs.

Let me back up: SWAK designs is a plus-sized (and only plus-sized, sorry) clothing vendor based in LA, with products made in the US in sizes (generous sizes at that) up to 6X. I've ordered clothes from them before, and been pleased, but this is my first post on them. 

I'm not getting any kind of swag for this, either; I have just found shirt nirvana.

Because that's what this is: proof positive that a good tunic top IS possible because the Leslie top is perfect. A generous neckline that doesn't venture into "would you like to see my new bra?" territory but still feels modern and flirty and a gathering that actually sits under your boobs. And! AND! The gathering is elastic so it can, if necessary, stretch over a large rack! Not a problem for me (I am not particularly out of proportion in that department) but I know there are women with bigger boob woes than me.

It is a bit pricey when not on sale ($49.90), but SWAK has loads of sales and discount codes so if you're smart about your shopping it won't break the bank.

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