Saturday, August 30, 2014

Friday Find: Scientifiques

The Etsy circle feature has been more of a bane than a boon for me. No matter how many times I clear out my "following" list, 90% of what shows up in my feed is just Not For Me.

That other 10%, though, includes some real gems, like Scientifiques. Everything Lorraine has is gorgeous and handcrafted, and she is obviously inspired by a variety of STEM fields! From math:

Euler's identity math bracelet jewelry from scientifiques.
Euler's identity cuff bracelet by scientifiques

to paleontology:

Green River bat fossil photo pendant by scientifiques
to chemistry:

Carbon science jewelry scientific necklace by scientifiques.
Etched Copper Carbon Period Table Pendant by scientifiques

In particular I love her use of metal (a skill I wish I had but at the moment don't have the supplies or space for). I love the warm brown of copper and am glad to see someone using it in the jewelry world. And check out this piece de resistance:

Diplocaulus Fossil Skull Necklace by scientifiques
Talk about a statement piece!

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