Thursday, August 14, 2014

Trek Thursday: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

#60: For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky

In case you forgot: After being attacked by nuclear missiles, the Enterprise traces the attacks back to an asteroid that's really a spaceship that the passengers fervently believe is a planet. It just so happens their spaceship is on collision course with a populated planet, so naturally Kirk and company have to do whatever they can to prevent such a disaster, which involves dismantling the computer that's been piloting the spaceship. McCoy starts off with a deadly case of space AIDS but (of course) is cured by the end of it.

First of all: that title. Really? Really? It's my undying hope that out there, some emo shoe-gaze alt-rock band will release a song with this title, because it's just too perfect.

In another case of backassing: how can we get one of the Power Trio ensconced in this proto-hivemind society? I know: give him xenopolycythemia (which JV and I immediately renamed "xenophobic cephalopod")  and have the high priestess of the asteroid-spaceship-planet inexplicably fall in love with him so he'll want to stay behind and become initiated into the culture. Because someone in the Power Trio needs to be some kind of spy for Starfleet, so that they can figure out where the evil computer is, otherwise the Power Trio couldn't save the day.

Yup, it's another "computers run amok!" episode, and it's not one of the better ones. This computer has not only set the spaceship off course; its directive from the very beginning has been to dupe the population of the spacecraft for reasons that are never made clear.

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