Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What I'm Playing: Cookie Clicker

I don't think I mentioned Cookie Clicker the first time I got hooked on it, and really I don't think it's a game even worth commenting on because it's so ubiquitous and mindless, but here I am without a post since last Monday, so fuck it I'll let you all know that I am hooked on Cookie Clicker.

I guess this is my life now.
If you've been on the Internet, you probably have run across Cookie Clicker. If you've missed it, the idea just is: make as many cookies as you can as quickly as you can. You start the game by clicking the big cookie, but soon you graduate from that to buying things to produce cookies for you.

Cookies are both the currency and the end game.

It's so simple! You don't even need to touch the game, ever, really. You could just let it run with a handful of cursors and grandmas, but in true MMO style you quickly get hooked on how to optimize your cookie production. There's an interesting take on it on this article over on Polygon.

This addiction comes at the best or worst time, as I've been hit with the double whammy of Russian finals and tax season. So, like a responsible adult, I've suddenly become OBSESSED (again) with how to optimize my cookie generation. Focus? Not entirely out the window, but edging pretty close. Fortunately, with the prestige updates in this latest version, there is an upgrade that, long story short, incentivizes  putting the game in the background and doing other things with your life: everybody wins!

Do you play any other mindless accumulation games? AdVenture Capitalist, maybe? Or Clicker Heroes?


  1. My cookies are "popular with the neighborhood" now! Do I win yet?! So confused lol.

    1. No one ever wins Cookie Clicker. It's like global thermonuclear war: the only winning move is not to play.