Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Back to the Sweden

Today was (or is, depending on your time zone) the most important Internet holiday this year: the day that Marty McFly arrives in the future! Alas, no flying cars or dehydrated pizzas, but then could anyone have predicted smartphones or the Internet*?

Today is extra special for me because October 21st is also the date I set foot in Stockholm for good. This year is my second Swedeversary. Hurrah!

JV and I celebrated by buying and putting up curtains (SUCH GROWN-UP, MUCH MATURE) and having a friend over to marathon all three Back to the Future movies.

It had been years since I'd seen any of the Back to the Future movies, so Marty's trip to the future came at a pretty good time (pun...intended?). I had forgotten how little of the second movie is actually in the future, so that part was a letdown—especially within the context of all the Internet hype about MARTY MCFLY DAY!!!11!.

But the great thing about watching movies with people is that fresh pairs of eyes catch things you might miss. We all had a great time pointing out the brick jokes and all of the attention to detail. And other things, like: did you ever notice how much product placement is in the first two? Especially the first one? Or how ditzy Marty's girlfriend is? (She sees their crummy life in the future and she's upset because they had a cheap wedding? Puke.) But good things, too. I never fully appreciated the scope of Christopher Lloyd's comedic timing and A+ facial expressions.

But hey, you've all seen Back to the Future so here, feast your eyes on our new curtains!

Forest from Indiska
If I were a really with-it and together person, I'd have organized a special sale in the Kokoba Etsy store to kickstart the Christmas shopping season, but I'm not, so I didn't. Hopefully next year I will have the time and energy for it. This year I was busy with Swedish classes (officially done with those!) and my day jobs (still have those) so Etsy just kind of hung out on the sidelines this year. Hopefully I'll have my life a little more together for my third Swedeversary.

Did you have a Back to the Future party? Or maybe move to a new country or buy new curtains? Let me know!

*I know there were dial-up BBSs by '85, hello WarGames, but that's hardly the amorphous, international cultural juggernaut that is THE INTERNET today.

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