Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Newly Listed: Green Pi Bangle

Yesterday (and today!) I've been super busy, ugh. Was your Monday any better? I hope so!

That's why I'm not getting around to sharing a new item up in the Kokoba Etsy store until today. But you can forgive, because I've blogged about this guy before:

Green math STEM sciart jewelry pi bangle
Pi bracelet by Kokoba
The really GREEN! nature of the bracelet has grown on me over time. Maybe that's because we are deep into fall territory here in Stockholm (gray skies, rain, and an underwhelming performance by this year's foliage) and I'm craving some color. Who knows!

If you're also craving some green, this pi bangle is available in the Kokoba Etsy store. If you're thirsty for some sciart, there's lots of cool new stuff up on the Twitter #SciArt hashtag! There are some cool goings-on at the SciArt center in New York, it seems. Unfortunately I'm not able to check them out.

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