Monday, October 12, 2015

Newly Listed: Black and Blue Wrap Pi Bracelet

Another Monday, another new listing in the Kokoba shop!

I had a relaxing day to myself, like most Mondays I had up until recently, and ended up going to the library for Alex Garland's The Beach. It's not a novel entirely suited to my tastes but one of my English tutees is reading it for school, so I thought I'd read it, too. I had a hard time believing him because I was under the impression that it was full of drugs and sex and gore, and my American expectations about what's appropriate for school assignments were ~~shocked. (I got over it, though!) Even though the book isn't to my taste (for reasons I'll go into later), I did blow a few hours reading it today and got over 200 pages in. Way more drugs than I was expecting, but not really as much sex or gore. I plan to finish it before I see this tutee again on Saturday, partially to anticipate any language/cultural questions and partially just to mess with him.

Needless to say I didn't get around to updating the blog or Etsy until much later than I normally do. I guess not having my usual Monday tutoring completely ruins my sense of time.

This is a piece I've had laying around for a while, but didn't list until recently. Not a color combination I usually go for in my wardrobe, but I think the look in this one is quite dramatic!

The latest jewelry from Kokoba: black and blue wrap bracelet in twine and agate, with pi.
Black and blue wrapped pi bracelet
The dyed blue agate looks very bright here, but in typical light (and against the skin) it's more navy-colored, or even black.

I really hit a wrap bracelet craze earlier this year. Even though it's died down a bit, wrap bracelets are still something I like on style level as well as a craft level.

The round, dark blue beads spell out the digits of pi, while the black rectangular beads act as spacers. The blue beads are dyed agate; the black beads are some kind of dyed/reconstituted something or other.

This is the only one I have left in my inventory. Every other one I've made has been sold, either as private gift purchases or as part of my latest order for The Da Vinci Science Center. It always breaks my heart a little to sell them, because they end up becoming part of my wardrobe. (Of course I test wear things! Besides, not wearing your own jewelry is a missed advertising opportunity.) But with the heartbreak comes a bit of satisfaction: at least I'm making something that people want to buy!

I've been too busy to sit down and make any recently (they do require a significant time and patience investment, both of which have been in short supply recently), but once NaNoWriMo season winds down I hope to crank out a few more. Maybe even one to keep for myself. ;)

If you want to break my heart a little bit, you can take this piece of math jewelry home yourself. Don't forget to nose around Twitter for some great #sciart finds. I RT'd my favorites but there are just so many!


  1. I went through an Alex Garland phase, but The Beach was always my least favorite of his books (though it was a much better book than a movie).

    I did not realize until I just looked him up to see if he'd released anything new since said phase (or had forgotten until now) that he wrote the screenplay for 28 Days Later, which explains another phase of mine.

    And also wrote, then directed Ex Machina (released this year), which I saw recently and found captivating. I am looking forward to your further thoughts on the Beach.

    1. Somehow I missed 28 Days Later! It's one of those movies that I've never made an effort to see but that I'm sure, someday, someone will insist I come over and watch it. But Ex Machina seems like it might be legit interesting. A little more mature than The Beach, at any rate (which oops I kind of eviscerated >.> <.< )