Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday 5: Fair Use

What was the last thing you put in the freezer not to freeze, but just to chill?

I don't usually do this, actually. Maybe a bottle of soda, but that was years ago. Pinterest says it goes faster if you wrap the bottle in a wet paper towel, but I can't confirm or deny that.

What’s a non-food item you’re storing in a zippered, plastic bag?

Some jewelry supplies, and also some copper jewelry. (Air-tight = less tarnish)

What’s the most unusual item you’ve used as a bookmark?

For all of the reading I do, I rarely use bookmarks. I dogear, or I remember page numbers. I'm actually pretty good at that, and even at remember different page numbers for different books over a fairly long period of time. If it's a library book, I use the receipt for a bookmark.

What’s something unusual for which you’ve used a kitchen utensil?

Hard to say. . . all of our kitchen implements see fairly standard use.

How many different kinds of balls do you have in your house?

There's a bocce set somewhere, so that makes two (the bocce balls and the pill). There might be an old soccer ball floating around somewhere but otherwise, I think that's it.

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