Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday 5: You Too

Image courtesy quicksandala

What are you too short to do?

LITERALLY EVERYTHING?! I'm 5'1"; let me sing you the song of my people:

  • "Do you carry this in petite sizes?"
  • "Could I get these hemmed?"
  • "Can you reach that for me?"
  • "Hey, wait up!"
  • *silent fuming at tall people who use the side-mounted handholds on the subway instead of the ceiling-mounted ones, leaving me NOTHING within reach*

What are you too smart to do?

Get into Facebook arguments? Most of the time...

What are you too fearful to do?

Oh, so many things. Start conversations with people, make phone calls, put down cash for advertising either of my small businesses.

What are you too lazy to do?

At the moment? My homework.

What are you too young to do?


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