Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Talky Tuesday: Election

Please, please, please get out and vote today.

Ladies (and most of my readers are probably ladies), our right to vote was hard-won. It was even harder won if you're a WOC.

Anti-suffragette postcard, John Hassall

If you want to feel miserable, feel free to Google anti-suffragette postcards. Some of them are laughable (if we give women votes they'll make us MEN do all of the household drudgery!) but the lengths other images to go to demonize women and celebrate violence, abuse, and physical restraint against them is terrifying. Those sentiments have hardly disappeared, whether it's in the way that we discuss female candidates or in actual legislation (voter ID laws ~~just so happen~~ to fuck women over because, due to social conventions about marriage, we're way more likely to change our names and thus have discrepancies among identification documents). Voting matters—why else would there be voter suppression?

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