Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday 5: Animate

How is it Friday already? This week just flew by!

Me ringing in Lunar New Year 2010, Year of the Tiger (my year!), in Beijing

This week's Friday 5 is inspired by the Chinese zodiac, although Lunar New Year isn't until January 28th. Anyway, the questions!

In what ways are you like an ox?

I'm fat and I'm partial to eating plants and dairy instead of meat, I guess.

In what ways are you like a rabbit?

None, but JV and I are low-key obsessed with rabbits. We have a couple of stuffed bunnies around the apartment, purchased when one of us has wanted to cheer up the other (and one from his childhood). This includes Benny, Nina, Ella, and Ha$$e. Yes, with the dollar signs.

In what ways are you like a snake?

I'm cold all the damn time. Which isn't what being cold-blooded means, I realize, but I still seem to need the heat cranked up more than most people do.

In what ways are you like a goat?

More or less how I'm like an ox, I guess? Minus the fat part. Goats aren't really that big.

I legit thought goats ate tin cans until I was, well, old enough to know better (hint: I had already graduated college). No one disabused me of this notion until I made an offhand comment to Lawyer Mom, who looked at me askance and then said slowly, as if explaining to a child: "No, Katherine, they eat the paper off tin cans. Not the actual cans."

In what ways are you like a rooster?

I am SO LOUD. I either have all the chill or ZERO CHILL AT ALL.

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