Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday 5: Functions

What are you holding your breath in anticipation of?

2018 midterms! Can we please do damage control on this administration already? Also, looking forward to WorldCon Dublin and going to Korea for a wedding in 2019!

What most recently gave you goosebumps?

Probably just straight-up being cold, because it's November in Stockholm.

What’s giving you that pain in the neck?

My work setup is less than ideal. I have my beast of a laptop, Regan, to the left and my work notebook (Samwise) in the middle. But since I do all of my blogging from Regan, I have to contort my neck and back to get anything done. Or just scoot my chair over, which I just did.

What’s making your heart ache?

I miss so many people and places, but that's the neo-liberal cosmopolitan life, I guess: nowhere and everywhere feels like home; you're always missing someone.

What are you yawning at?

Just trying to get my ears to pop because my head is full of fluid. Hurray, being sick. =/

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